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Well, what if the central issue then is that "owning" land is not a good way for anarchy? That it was the mistake of Waco, of the utopian American socialists, etc?

The whole point of a mobile fleet, is to be able to move, with the idea that you can't be pinned down and forced to pay for rent or mortgage or utilities or whatever. You just take what you need from the area, make what you can, and you're good to gravy (is that how you say?).

So perhaps some people have means, are in solidarity, and offer land. Great. But, you can still have a mobile fleet without a base, it just has to squat. It can be done, even in the cities. The major problem is; gas, maintenance. The easiest way to avoid this, is to go EV, and either charge solar, have some kind of wind turbine, or easier yet just plug in to electricity plugs where you can take it for free (most caravan have this, and you just need a friend in a house and a 100m extension cable for each vehicle).

Up front costs are huge, which is why I haven't done this, but it's a much better outcome than saving so much money for a fixed location that can be compromised at any time because it's funded by illegal activity and easily traceable.


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Eirther have a tent, or sleep in your car and crack the window open.

Sure, with a smaller vehicle, these are options