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planx wrote (edited )

A few thoughts:

Unless you're a social genius capable of making light and fun of serious and terrible things in perfect balance with the flow of those family/friend social spaces, making your points with such sharpness and eloquence that everybody may grasp them (I'm not, some are), try to accept that you will be a negative nancy in some way. This is one reason we hang out with other anarchic types and not our often-disgusting families etc.

Where possible, try to spend time around people you have affinity with. Those are the people you can build with, those are the people who stand on the same ground as you. You won't always be able to do only be around your affinity people, so it's always good to try to be as sharp at expressing key concepts in ways that more regular folks would understand. I read stuff like CrimethInc to brush up on that. And I pick my battles, I'll only speak at the family table if I can be short and sharp and impactful. They already know I'm a weirdo who hates it all, but if I can shut down some bullshit with three or four well-placed sentences that end on a positive note (everything's garbage so all we have is each other, there are these other people all over the world doing things differently and you can join, etc), I will enjoy that as a kind of craft.

It's also those people you have affinity with that you can build project geared at joyfully smashing that negativity. It makes the dull sad conversations at the family table bearable when you know that later you're gonna go meet up with some people and build your mutual aid network in a space that lets you unleash your potential.

At least that's how I do it. I'm curious to hear what others have to say and if there are any responses to what I've said.


grey_jedi OP wrote

Thank you for your thoughts on the matter, I really do appreciate it.

I don't have an affinity group or anyone with which I share an affinity, which I think reinforces my negative outlook. I feel very isolated. I can't really talk at length with anyone IRL about anarchy, or at least liberatory ideas outside of electoralism, especially if those liberatory ideas imply 'illegal' actions...

I think that finding others that I have an affinity with is probably what I need to focus on.


___A wrote (edited )

I spent a lot of time with a group of people who i suppose postured a lot about being radical at one point, but when it came down to it, i found they werent really as supportive to eachother, or myself as i would have expected, i found myself reconnecting with an old friend recently who has really been supportive, but felt ostracized from that group as well. I find the so called anarchists who come frem a middle class artsy background often are more judgemental, and dont have a solid grasp on class dynamics, lots of poor people steal but feel ashemed, a lot of people eat from food banks but feel embarrased. Theres nothing to be ashamed about being poor. people who are struggling might not have time for more doom and gloom politics talk, but they might aprecciate not being looked down upon for simply living their lives. Its almost impossible to know that you are in afinity with till after i would say like all relationships it needs be alowed to grow naturally, and be based on trust. The politics doesnt have to come first, and there can be disagreements, but all actions have context so etc. Something anarchy recognizes is that personal choices and actions are inherently political. So find people you trust and find comfortable ways to carve out a niche in your enviroment for reclaiming and re interpret the things around you, this is an active democratic/anarchic process to the world around you!


kaj wrote

Dann sollten wir uns zusammenschließen