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celebratedrecluse wrote

the anti-fascist moment in political contexts is frequently one where the liberal and moderate factions capture their left flank, subsuming such marginals to their own purposes.

You can see this in the recent electoral spectacle from many of your country, USA. Avowed socialists and communists, even many anarchists as self-described, campaigning for an arch-segregationist illiberal representative of the banking industry, and a criminal lawyer who worked with police to continue that segregation into the present day. Because, well, these measures are justified because of the extreme situation, look at the other side they are fascists, they are running into the seat of the whole government with guns and threatening the elected government.

Yet who let these "fascists" into this building? The police, precisely as a managed act of political theatre. And what did these "fascists" do when inside? Take pictures of themselves mostly, stealing a few things and making a bit of a ruckus, but basically staying within the boundaries of the liberal respectability politics they claim to hate. A few died, mostly from medical problems. One woman, an air force veteran, was shot when she separated from the crowd and tried to run toward the representatives alone; one police officer died in the hospital after collapsing in a medical crisis upon returning to their office after duty.

Seriously, that's all. After thousands rush into the halls of government past a police line, with the stated intent to "stop" normal functioning of government and install their leader as the president. I don't know about you, but the coups I lived through, it was not usually so conveniently bloodless.

Does this sound like a serious threat to power? A disruption of legislative procedure, no doubt, but an existential danger to the state? Not to me, sorry.

So, this "fascist mob", it disciplined itself. And once it served its purpose (to consolidate hardline trump supporters into a new media universe and perhaps even a new political party) it compliantly obeyed commands from their leader to go home, even though nothing of their stated aims were accomplished.

USA government has done this before. on the anniversary of pinochet's rise to power, George Bush's administration orchestrated attacks on the country with similarity to ones planned in the aborted operation Northwoods: civilian soft targets were assailed with deadly force, and buildings were demolished, in order to pave the way for a newly empowered surveillance regime and racialized state of war. Where were the "anti-fascists" then, one might ask? Well, they were bullied by the narrative, to great success. What has "changed"? Nothing at all.

This is an act of history which perfectly disciplines both the right and left flanks of the state simultaneously, and in its wake it is reinforcing the power of the USA government at a time of monumental failure and weakness. It consolidates the classes which might consider themselves at odds with the status quo, into allegiance to their particular favorite flavors of ice cream: raspberry red, or blueberry blue.

Qui bono? Capital, and the resurgent state.


lastfutures OP wrote (edited )

Someone posted this in the comments of the crimethinc article on anews. Hadn't seen it before, thought it was interesting.


ruin wrote

Anews comments are always good for a fun tangent.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

If you get a chance I am curious what you found interesting about it.


black_fox wrote (edited )

there are some decent points in here, unfortunately lost amongst the absolute over the top writing style