How Much do You think Anarchists can get Away with these Days with Limited Risk of Substantial State Suppression in Your Area

Submitted by RichOldWhiteMan in Anarchism

I.e would you feel comfortable saying that you are a anarchist to non close friends irl? Do you think even doing legal mutual aid projects that look leftists will have a substantial risk of you having violence enacted against you. How serious of an amount of illegalism do you think you can get away with long term? Would you be comfortable being a anarchist on twitter? Curious what peoples thoughts on especially due to me hearing from multiple USA people that they are worried about increased attacks on those for just being anarchists.

I personally am quite sceptical of things getting that far. Though some paranoia is a requirement. Better to be overly scared than assaulted or incarcerated tbh.



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ruin wrote

This is a good question and I’d imagine that location is a big factor.

We live in a very rural area that is very pro Trump. I can imagine that it would be tougher if we lived in town (about 500people) vs living on our farm and just going in on errands from time to time.

A fair number of people out here know we’re anarchists and we get some questions, but no one has pushed us on it. My biggest concern is how we raise our kids and keeping the state out of it. With the increased interest in homeschooling we had a lot of people asking us for help, which we did, but tried not to mess up what we have going for ourselves. Other activities we engage in are less of a concern tbh.

I got into anarchism as a teenager and can’t say my appearance has changed all that much in 20+ years, so I’m an easy mark just walking down the street. I think it’s made it second nature for me to have direct conversations and explain my ideas to people I encounter if/when they ask. If you’re confident and articulate about your views, most people will just listen politely, ask a couple questions and move on. Should say this only applies to general politics, if you try to discuss anticiv or nihilism people lose their shit...

I don’t talk anarchism with my current employer, but I give blunt opinions on politics and life. Have to give the guy credit for hiring me despite my appearance (and my unwillingness to change it) not fitting in at all with the rest of his company’s staff. We disagree on a lot of topics, but he seems to appreciate my take and respects that my priority is living life in a way that’s meaningful.


RichOldWhiteMan OP wrote (edited )

I am very conscious about when I dont portray political oppinik s tha verge from the norm. With anarchism getting popular with the mainstream stream I know a couple people irl who have talked about how horrible anarchists are for being such terrible people. Dont really want to be know as a leftists or a antifa cuz many will think ur a follower of Hitler or something.