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poolofshade wrote (edited )

The ideas put forward by these Anti-Civilizationists do not offer a way out of the current problems that exist; they are simply contributing to these problems by ignoring the need for a consciousness based on class struggle and the foundation of a new human society.

The thing you don't seem to understand about those who adapt anti/post civ positions, is many have already come to terms with the fact that enough severe damage has been done to the planet and we've hit so many consumptive limits that there's no going back. The ship is already sinking, and there is no real way out (edit: hence the creation of POST-civ literature). People are going to have to simplify whether they want to or not, and many already are. Everything is in it's infancy, so I don't know what you're expecting.

Older, antiquated frameworks of thought utterly failed to anticipate this and offer no solutions either (why people are having to build off the work of primitivists). I'm all for decentralized communities producing things locally as a solution going forward actually, but any ideological movement that's overly optimistic and denies the reality and constraints of the situation is absolutely useless.