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RespectWomen OP wrote (edited )

Lmao @ you linking to a primitivist text to prove what postcivs and anticivs believe. How many times do you need to be told that they're 3 different things? This is getting tedious here.

Point made. An anarchist friend simplifying postciv as a form of primitivism, coupled with your ideological specification in March, threw me off.

On your heated defense of sacred democracy, you need to brush up on your ideology.

You mean this? I’m not interested in so‐called ‘representational democracy’, if that’s what you had in mind.

I can link you to more in depth texts if you want, but knowing you, you'll continue to cling to whatever the fuck tankie politics you've branded yourself with.

I’m not a Leninist, but I can see how you might make that mistake given my (arguably misplaced) willingness to work with them.

Motherfucker. One more time. Postcivs are not primitivists. Did it take this time?

Apparently. I should have doublechecked that post that you made a few months ago.

I've lost count of how many times I've told you this and linked you to literature that screams it.

I must have missed it in this thread, or maybe you posted it elsewhere on the site.

Edit: you did post them, sorry. My adrenaline was probably so high that I completely forgot about it. I’ll give them a look.

Would you risk your life mining minerals every day and die young so everyone can have a new ipad every xmas?

Given my clinical depression and the apparently useless regulations, yeah, I guess so.

Don't fucking answer that.

Too late; I’m a huge asshole.

You've never worked a day in your life and you're never gonna Mr. "I do manual labour when I go to ikea to buy a new cabinet to display my vintage He-Man action figures in".

I understand that mining and furniture assembly are apples and oranges, so I guess that I was being pedantic when I specified what manual labour I’ve done.

(Also, I don’t collect toys or use display cases. I’m in my twenties.)

Don't make me puke you insufferable bourgie.

Would you prefer to put a gun to my head instead?

On a side note, I’ve never owned a business, but my mum owns a tiny one wherein she’s (almost always) the only employee.