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RespectWomen OP wrote

This laughable can full of straw men could also be called "Toward Anti-Antifa" and it wouldn't read that differently.

If you use ‘fascism’ liberally (like say equating it with civilisation), then yeah I guess that it would.

It's basically standing in defense of an extremely authoritarian techno-scientific social order -like our current liberal democratic captialist order- that is still as I'm writing this, killing and oppressing countless non-human (and human) lives and melting the ice caps and glaciers.

They’re an anarchist & an anticapitalist. You didn’t read much else from them, did you?

An order that, like the Third Reich, was doing it all in the name of the quest for progress, that will one day make the world a better place to live. Coz as you know it worked so well...

Do not use Fascist comparisons, especially for somebody with little or no political power. Every victorious president has been compared to a white supremacist dictator and it’s done absolutely nothing.

It's like the capitalist mass consumer system and its industry is devoted to the betterment of life in general on this planet. Expect a Star Trek-like Type 1 civilization in a few decades with flying cars and space travel n shit if we trust Elon Musk hard enough.

No, because they’re primarily interested in profit. Everything else comes second.

The Regressive Leftist crowd just don't realize how abhorrent their own ideals are...

Tell me how you found this forum.

how they are mindlessly thirsty for more blood and tears.

That’s interesting considering that every anticap with whom I’ve spoken is interested in abolish work as we know it.

This helps to be brandishing the same old Right-wing bogeymen so your can more safely put your own self-criticism in the closet...

More babbling I see.


CogInTheMachine wrote (edited )

Sorry I don't do the tit-for-that style of commenting, RespectWomen. This is a forum tactic that fanatical White reactionaries have been doing for quite a while, so I won't take the bait. Either choose a different approach to online discussion, or else....


RespectWomen OP wrote

This is a forum tactic that fanatical White reactionaries have been doing for quite a while,

I have literally never once heard of this association until now. I don’t spend my time lurking white nationalist fora or similar; I spent years lurking anticapitalist fora like Revleft.

Either choose a different approach to online discussion, or else...

Okay then I don’t give a toss. I’m glad that you are avoiding me.


CogInTheMachine wrote

And it's quite apparent that you've been lurking on Revleft to troll them, just like I did with the right-wing forums. So that doesn't quite make you genuine in regards to your pretenses.


RespectWomen OP wrote

r u censoring me??? y do u want to destroy free sheep??? UR THE REAL FASHIZ!!! #straightwhitemalelivesmatter