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Blackcap wrote

How about just using a standard anthropological definition of civilization, based on the following characteristics:

  1. Cities
  2. Organized central governments
  3. Complex religions
  4. Job specialization
  5. Social class hierarchy
  6. Writing
  7. Public works

While not all of these are anti-anarchist (I'm certainly not against written knowledge, for example), I think it's clear that (2) and (5) are fundamentally incompatible with anarchism.

Moreover, (3) also tends to be hierarchical and authoritarian, and I would argue that (4) when taken to the extremes that civilization takes it also contains anti-freedom premises (because it makes it difficult or impossible for individuals to exit society or to even grasp and critique it in toto, due to the specialization-induced lack of knowledge broadness necessary to do so).

And that's about it. Note that anti-civilization is a categorization defined by what those of us in that category oppose, therefore there's not much it tells about what we actually positively advocate. So it's a term that's of limited usefulness.