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G3PF wrote

Straight up bullshit. I posted several articles above that prove this argument is a fantasy.

I pointed out why this rebuttal is wrong in another post,

Implying being anti-civ or post-civ means you don't want people to talk, read, write or study. This argument is toxic and completely inaccurate.

Blatant cherry picking. What was actually said was "Objectively, the term civilization can broadly be defined as a sophisticated, modern, and advanced form of society and culture. Usually civilizations are categorized by the use of writing, language, and scientific study. This is a kind of society that we should want for a our future: if people are to be free from their respective oppression, the only way to do so is to reconstruct society and replace it with one that is not organized through oppressive social institutions. This means an advanced society of free individuals in free-association with one another, working for the mutual satisfaction of their collective needs." Far more in depth than your assertion.