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moon_princess wrote

Because it's not just "Stalin-praisers" that anarchists will call tankies. Someone once called me a tankie for saying that "The Interview" was shitty imperialist propaganda.

And anarchists often don't turn anti-authoritarian critiques on their own ideas. How many times have you seen a self-identified anarchist talking about getting rid of religion or shit like that?

If you want to actually engage with other ideas you need to do better than just saying everyone you don't like is authoritarian and leaving it at that.

I'm not even an ML but if you can't tell I'm sick of people throwing the word tankie around all the time too.


foggymorn wrote

Was there really anything in the Interview that misconstrued North Korea?


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__deleted_____ OP wrote

It's authoritarian.


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Defasher wrote (edited )

I think there's a difference between getting rid of capitalist religious institutions that oppress people, and banning all religion or spirituality. Like, what about Discordians?