Why do MLs get offended when anarchists talk about 'tankies'?

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If they're actually Marxists, then they support a stateless society, right? And oppose being ruled, imprisoned, enslaved, invaded and coerced? So why do they get upset when we talk about tankies and come into the thread to make snide remarks about anarchism being ineffective and all revolutions are authoritarian, etc?

If they don't consider themselves fetishists of historical state-capitalism (USSR) and the brutal tactics it utilized (like working anarchists to death in gulags), then why do they get do annoyed at us using the word 'tankie' to talk about Stalin-praisers?


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moon_princess wrote

Because it's not just "Stalin-praisers" that anarchists will call tankies. Someone once called me a tankie for saying that "The Interview" was shitty imperialist propaganda.

And anarchists often don't turn anti-authoritarian critiques on their own ideas. How many times have you seen a self-identified anarchist talking about getting rid of religion or shit like that?

If you want to actually engage with other ideas you need to do better than just saying everyone you don't like is authoritarian and leaving it at that.

I'm not even an ML but if you can't tell I'm sick of people throwing the word tankie around all the time too.


foggymorn wrote

Was there really anything in the Interview that misconstrued North Korea?


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__deleted_____ wrote

It's authoritarian.


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Defasher wrote (edited )

I think there's a difference between getting rid of capitalist religious institutions that oppress people, and banning all religion or spirituality. Like, what about Discordians?


AgentW_C wrote

I'm still trying to figure out what the word "tankie" means. I keep seeing it get thrown around at places like this, but I'm kind of new to all this, so I don't know.


WhereIsMyFreeStuff wrote

Tankies originally referred to the members of the UK Communist party who supported the invasion of Hungary by Soviet tanks to crush a revolt in 1956


Glenarchist wrote

It may be an insult term but if you actually support the old USSR authoritarian state, Stalin etc then you probably should feel bad in general. There was bugger all anarchistic or socialist about the USSR. One big male authoritarian, homophobic, sexist racist state but enough about the U.S and back to tankies :-) I assume the word to come from 'tank' refering to the USSR tanks ? ( please correct me if I'm wrong) Anyway, if you're offended by being called a tankie you should probably take a long hard look at why you would EVER support the stuff many of them I have met support. Babbling on about Russian battles , Stalin and/or Lenin...I'm babbling myself now so I'll stop :-)