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deadresonance wrote

Your schtick must kill at infoshops and junior high schools. Rage on, comrade!

Your TOS bans ageism.

I have a different perspective than you, but your need to contextualize me as young clearly represents the vacuuity of your own politics for all to see...


ruin wrote

I may be vacuous but nowhere did I speculate your age and certainly not in a negative manner. I simply implied that the youth tend to like the aggro chest thumping flavor of politics you’re peddling. I know lots of old dudes that are all about that shit. But most seem to turn into ecofash...

Thanks for the TOS warning. I had to look up what that meant unfamiliar with the jargon. I’m new to the Internet forum world and I appreciate you showing me the ropes.

All sarcasm and shit talk aside, best of luck in fucking shit up in whatever way works for you. I predict ample opportunities in 2021.