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celebratedrecluse wrote

I share this fear.

weakness, like strength, is produced by the conditions and choices which surround and permeate such a condition.

We are both as weak as you fear, and as strong as you hope. More than anything else, we are elastic, stubborn, and above all adapatable. our ancestors have survived catastrophes we cannot imagine, created catastrophes we are still dealing with, betrayed our basic principles, died for a chance at something better. We have abandoned our friends, killed our dreams, and hollowed out our relationships. And yet, we all made those friendships, had the dreams, started those connections. For every loss, there were innumerable moments of creative destruction, passionate caretaking, the love which made the loss stick so prominently in our tears.

I believe that some of us will survive, and will have enough desire to avenge our losses, that control systems will be forced to in turn adapt and change to our persistence and stubborn conviction to exist. In the dance of the subaltern, there are always steps ahead, and though there is rhythm, there is no necessity that one stays in place, or even with one's dance partners.