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NEOalquimista wrote

In addition to what /u/AgentW_C said:

What you see around you, the world around you, is a man-made construct we deem inhumane. In order to see what people really are - beneath that cover, you must filter out the capitalist parts that consumed them. Think of the people as victims of a systematic manipulation. Because, honestly, no one asked to be here and be educated since birth to be greedy and egoistic. We, anarchists, eventually worked around that, and we came to think the way we do partly by chance, not by a choice. The environment shapes us, we don't have that much control.


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NEOalquimista wrote

I meant people are busy with their individual quests, such as making money, buying a house and a car and building a family, and they value this quest so much that helping others is a lower priority to them. Some even refuse it completely, saying to themselves "worry only about you, conquer the world, blah blah". You know what I meant, right?