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FuckCopyright wrote

Awesome, although this captured my attention:

Most people who live in Cheran are from the town. Social mores dictate that locals marry locals - there are very few outsiders here. Families are large, and they are close. Everyone knows everyone else. And that is the foundation of the town's unity.

If I felt out of place in such a community for any reason, what would I be able to do? This resonates with me owing to how my immigrant community here in the UK seems to try and work with each other and the local church(es) when they can, and depend only on the government and the police sometimes as a last resort - granted, I've seen some members of my immigrant community get caught up in multi-level marketing schemes though.


lautreamont wrote (edited )

"The municipal police arrived with the mayor, and armed men came to free their hostage-friends. There was an uneasy stand-off between the townspeople, the loggers and the police. It ended after two loggers were injured by a young man who shot a firework directly at them. And Cheran - a town of some 20,000 people - began its journey towards self-government. "

Highly... fucking... problematic.

This, after activists been trying to peacefully reason with violent brutes who're only there for the rob and rape. Then the government had to come in as the saviors... helping with the building of their local "autonomy".

Not much cop-free.

Since they had the help of sympathetic neighbors to block some logging trucks, it also says nothing about contexts where most people in an area are hostile to your cause or sympathetic to deforesters.

I'd like to read stuff from Mexico that's not the usual Left populist delusion...