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polpotisevil2 wrote

The people you think want to do it take lots and lots of money from a lobbying organization whose sole purpose is to make sure Americans can buy any gun they want.

Are you talking about the NRA? If so, I would like some serious sources because as far as I can tell that it not true at all.

They talk big game about gun laws but no one is even talking about re-banning assault rifles

What are you talking about? Joe Biden's third bold face lettering on his website states he plans to "ban the manufacture and sale of assault weapons" and states his intent to tax people $200 (I don't even have that much money in my bank account) for each "assault weapon" they own, require registration with the federal government, and introduce obscene legislative hurdles to transfer ownership of your weapon to someone else.

And his VP pick supports mandatory buyback programs, a.k.a. confiscation.

That was in 1975. The NRA has gotten much more powerful since then. It won't happen.

The law was PASSED in 1975, and was in existence until its unconstitutionality was declared through the supreme court, and the legal challenges originally started around 2002.

It's only assault rifles. You can still have every other gun there. When you said "gun ban" in your original post, the implication was you were worried about all guns being banned. Not just the ones used for mass murder and shooting kids in schools.

I didn't realize this comment thread was going to turn into state apologia, supposedly coming from an anarchist. The implication, considering I am talking about the U.S.A. and the discussion of politics happening there, was an assault weapons ban. The guns you say are used for mass murder and shooting kids also happen to be similar to the ones the U.S. military uses to subjugate the entire country including me. Forgive me for wanting some leveling out of the odds here. Oh, and don't forget the millions of people who use them for hunting and home defense and the fact that the reason school shootings and mass murder happen are not simply because a gun exists.

If you'd like me to go on I could talk about the insane amount of other gun control laws being proposed and blindly supported en masse, and how extreme bureaucratic measures effectively eliminate gun ownership for poor people and relegate it to a privilege for the rich. I love that you ignored the Puerto Rico mention. Should I also link to price hikes for licenses to own weapons in New Jersey? What about the age restriction laws eliminating the ability for adults to protect themselves with a gun for three years? Hmmmm