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Vortex wrote

The thing is mainstream population believed the societal collapse happen at once and chaos unfolded on the street (in fact, it's a continuous thing and already happening), but in reality when the society is transitioning to collapse or so-called civil war, you would probably not notice any difference from the current society. Things will be more intense than now and more events happen, but most of the people in your community would carry on daily lives.

As mentioned, we're already experiencing the collapse so whatever you are experiencing now will gradually get worse in the near future, but it wouldn't be a full conflict on the street between groups of people like movies mislead us all the time. In fact, most of the conflicts will happen under our noses, especially when mass media defunct or disbanded under economic collapse, and those of us who are aware and prepared for the days will carry on daily tasks, just like now. We're already in the collapse and transitioning toward civil war.

In short, I'm not worried about it because it's already happening.


another_i wrote

I was recently introduced to , which is about 18months old and its amazing how accurate it has been. Highly recommend.

With that said, I'm not surprised at all. I feel like I've been expecting this for years.


Pop wrote

definitely not worried about it


celebratedrecluse wrote

Yes, a genuinely unstable North America is basically unprecedented in living memory and will probably lead to imperial escalation that will affect lots of people even far away from USA.