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celebratedrecluse wrote

Well, the problem with electoralist and authcom entryism, is that it really saps energy away from anything else. it actually does have a parasitic relationship with direct action, and it's the main reason why a capitalist government will actually allow small scale authoritarian communist organizations to exist on paper: they do a good role, making sure to absorb and create a sustainable and relatively non threatening entity out of more unpredictable and unchallenged working or marginalized classes.

These parties are factories for the reproduction of society, like the universities to which so many of them are closely associated with, or the moderate national labor unions they might work with, or the churches whose place in the social order they self-consciously took.

If you're trying to rid yourself of the arrangement of misery, i think it is important to confront why people are invariably pulled back to the allure of the state, even literal anarchists.