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ziq OP wrote (edited )

This makes me wonder if there’s a way for anarchists to pull these kids out before the indoctrination is too far along.

I tried my best when r/chapotraphouse got banned and hundreds of them made accounts here, but the red fash kept their hooks in them using discord until they were able to herd them all onto their new site. There's no way for raddle to break through an echo chamber on that level, not when collectivists are all looking to be led and dictated to, and raddle is all about telling people to think for themselves and reject all authority. The tankie route is much easier for them because it doesn't require real effort or self reflection. They just need to follow the program, parrot the propaganda, never dissent against party dogma, and they're automatically accepted and are able to feel like members of an elite group of "radicals" without actually doing anything radical. Anarchists ask much more of people and we never rest on our laurels or praise people for their obedience.


GlangSnorrisson wrote (edited )

You’re right I had forgotten about that exodus.

Personally I enjoy mocking them. Authoritarians take themselves way too seriously and I love to see their over-the-top raging diatribes. Sometimes I wonder if that approach might be helpful to give those smug assholes pause in their dogmatic nonsense.

Either way, it’s not worth it to completely throw away your time or wellbeing just to try and deprogram some kids imo.


ziq OP wrote

Here's a good example of an anarcho-tankie. Attacks anyone that breaks with tankie dogma while identifying as an "anti-imperialist anarchist". It won't be long before they angrily denounce anarchy altogether and admit to themselves that they're a red fash. You can see after I while I just start mocking them because they're impossible to talk to.


GlangSnorrisson wrote (edited )

Oh totally. They’re not there in good faith by any means.

I think by the time they’re coming here and shitting up the website they’re too far gone. That person is especially insufferable.

Honestly I think you’re right to mock them. It’s not worth it dealing with their shit. Personally I skip straight to mocking.

No, I think that if there’s any hope for any of them they’d have to still be (confused) baby anarchists. After that phase it’s over.

Edit: to be clear, I’m not trying to suggest that we “ought to” engage with antanks to “rescue” them or whatever, I was more just musing about whether or not they’re all beyond help.


ziq OP wrote

I think these people have all been brainwashed by the redfash cult and don't even realize how poisoned by ideology they are. Anyone who thinks vanguards are anarchist, actually is so far gone that I'd agree it's not worth the effort to try and deprogram them. Anyone who embraces a racist genocidal cult to fit in is never going to make a good anarchist.


GlangSnorrisson wrote (edited )

Yeah I prefer putting people like that to good use when they come here: mock them relentlessly to vent some stress.

It also avoids them somehow thinking that I take them seriously.