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ziq OP wrote

One of these days I'll talk about how I successfully infiltrated a major left unity space and used the tankie mods own methods against them to purge them from the mod team and undo the left unity directive.


monday wrote

I'm eager to read how the infiltration went. But one thing I noticed that this so called anarchists are being feed watered down Marxism, and shitty Trot/ML propaganda, like ultraliberal stuff (in the amerocan liberal sense). For the real marxists I know these people are a joke. So when we say third-position entryism, it is real, they have an agenda to control the left narrative.


ziq OP wrote (edited )

I'm eager to read how the infiltration went.

It's hard to talk about it without destroying what I accomplished. If they know they've been played, they'll probably declare moral outrage, purge me and make heroes of the red fashes I got them to turn against. Similar thing happened here a few years ago.

So when we say third-position entryism

Yeah, at some point in the past 5 years, MLs went full dengism and even started embracing LaRouchite fascist theory in order to defend China's atrocities. The owners of (dessalines / parentis_shotgun) and ( /u/beatnik ) are both really obvious third positionist fascists.