The few aboveground Red and Black I know from irl are the closest thing to "liberal fascists", and they fucking reek despotism all over

Submitted by lautreamont in Anarchism (edited )

Let's look into what these people stand for...

  • their approach to "mutual aid" and "soidarity" is often a brand of full statist communitarianism. Especially seen in their response to Covid... they'll advocate supporting charities that fully comply with whatever despotic bullshit pushed by governments as emergency response, then setting forth supposedly DIY mask-masking projects that may just be sub-capitalist schemes.

  • like in last point, will be the first to promote submitting to whatever regulations the government pushes to "protect the public" against Covid

  • the notion of "sacrifice of a few liberties... for the community!", which is totalitarian moralism at its worse.

  • still promoting workerist struggle even as lots of people are out of work due to Covid. So... people have always gotta be in the position of work in order to join their club and get solidarity pickets.

  • they'll very often use some PR about White privilege, even if they are living in fucking White privilege themselves... living in the some of the nicest apartments in town, never struggling with finding crucial resources like healthcare and legal defense.

  • being, for some self-serving reason, always into bed with one or another bureaucracy, and its despots, supporting their agendas even when they obviously go against their asserted anticap/anti-State pretenses...

  • anything else?

Isn't it time to see these clowns as the enemy, as well?



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NeoliberalismKills wrote

I don't know any in real life, and the internet brings out the worst in people, but their hostility to anti-civ thought is concerning. I followed the "traditional" US liberal to progressive to ancom pipeline and kept going. Many stop. I get it takes time to get to anti-civ, at least if you're coming from a position of privilege, but they're actively hostile with accusations of eco-fascism, while being utterly clueless in what anti-civ thought actually is. You can't be an anarchist and support civilization.


CPZFiHyKrsaaTgy wrote

Have you discussed this with them? Frankly, I find most of these defensible. It's unrealistic to say one must dogmatically adhere to a strict set of principals at all times to be considered an anarchist. I didn't take any monastic vows and I doubt they did either.

As for your first two points, when COVID first started, it caused a great deal of panic and insufficient information. In times of crisis sometimes people just want to help and do so without thinking about the broader implications of their actions. With things like a pandemic a authoritarian statist response seems much easier and more effective because face to face horizontal organizing will spread the disease. Of course with greater scrutiny this view does not hold water, but I don't think one can be blamed for falling victim to this mode of thinking.


lautreamont OP wrote (edited )

I agree that discussing f2f is the ideal approach. Usually these people look or are too busy to discuss any fundamentals. They appear to find it boring or too fancy.

If it's not when they use the same formula as response, that...

"yeeaaaa, contradictory I know, but necessary compromise n shit, as we gotta build a bigger and stronger opposition movements through dominant institutions blablabla"

i.e. entryism as a form of social empowerment, where actually this is only a faint cover for their own preservation of status and privilege as they dance from one office to the other, in between playing the radical activist game. Not sure there's anything worthy to discuss with such dishonest people who're carefully covering their self-interest with a pretend radical imagery and narrative.


celebratedrecluse wrote

Despotic measures

Which measures have you been opposed to?

I think it's pretty despotic to send people to work during this.


lautreamont OP wrote (edited )

I'm talking more about people being deprived of important resources that meant something to them irl, due to Covid measures that, while looking good on the surface, are hypocrite and used to hit the weaker aspects of their lives (while you know, stuff like Walmart and car dealers are still in business). Not complaining about not sending people to work... it's a benefit that there's been much less work.