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An_Old_Big_Tree OP wrote

I think that one of the most important forms of propaganda for us is getting people in oppressor jobs like these to revolt against their bosses.

Fragging is my favourite example, and I think it's key to actually being able to beat a titan like a country's army.


BeniG wrote

When a few federal cops refuse orders and stop abusing/arresting protestors, it will probably be most effective if they just passively shield protestors from the abuse/arrest. That would de-escalate and encourage more officers to join that group in service of the people. "Fragging" might be an option if aggressive officers abused their own to continue persecution of protestors, but it shouldn't be necessary. Some of those officers will have people being hurt back home and have to quit abusing people for the sake of oligarchs. More will follow, and the process can snowball quickly through the ranks to the top commander. That's a Revolutionary Moment!

Community control of law enforcement: Hiring, Firing, Budgeting, Equipment, Rules, Power to abolish policing

Healthcare for all

Homes for all

Education for all

Communication, Network, and Independent Media access for all

Worker and community control of production (Revocation of corporate charter)

Citizen/community power to develop more direct democracy and eliminate/prevent government corruption

Citizen/community power to maintain media for all voices, independent of profit