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  • Note on Mutualism and the Market-Form - Shawn Wilbur's libertarian labyrinth project helped me 'place' Mutualism when I first started reading about it. Lots of material on the site, it can get a little overwhelming, but if you want Mutualism from a 'neo-proudhonian' perspective and learn about early anarchist history, it's probably as good as it gets.

  • What is Mutualism? by Clarence Lee Swartz

  • Studies in Mutualist Political Economy by Kevin Carson - I have only read part chapter 1 and 2 of the book, but it seems worth a suggestion. Political economy and its history from a more 'free-market anarchism' oriented mutualist perspective. Somewhat dry read, but goes deep.


That's all I've ever read about anarcho-syndicalism myself :P I've gone a little post-left since then, which changed my approach to strategy and tactics. So anarcho-syndicalism is not my 'field' of expertise or interest in any way.