Reddit BTFO's "extremist" political discourse. (Many leftist subs banned)

Submitted by Ampelio in Anarchism

As many of you know reddit followed through with a campaign of banned and dismantling, perceived, "extremist" subreddits. Many of these were such innocuous or mundane subs like /r/chaptraphouse, or, /r/cumtown. Places like /r/communism seem to have been left alone, but I do not feel this was intentional, rather, this was a miscalculation of the part of the staff of reddit. In lieu of these events I think it is important that we start pushing alternative sights; sights like raddle so that these communities are not destroyed in the cross fire. It's not fair that something as inconspicuous as /r/chaptraphouse (bordering liberalism) could be targeted and banned. If these communities fall apart the onus will fall on us as to why we could not catch them when things like this happened. It will be our fault && I personally think this is an important thing to do to keep our movment alive and growing. The left has experienced a rapid resurgence in the last 7 years, in part, due to communities like these that shift the overtonwindow to the left. We need to reach out to people like chaptraphouse and make the existence of sites like raddle known.



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Pacifus wrote

Trigger warning: uncomfortable content

Slave owners should die.


Trileon wrote

I have recently left reddit as a massive Chapo. This is the shit I found this site for:

Say it loud and say it proud: not only should slave owners die, they should be killed.


djpain wrote


Feels great saying something that should be a standard of modern life.


KevlarUnicorn wrote

I ended up getting rid of my account. I visited lots of other subs, but CTH was just a fun place for leftists to get together and rail a little bit against all of the constant bullshit.


Ampelio OP wrote

I was really surprised places like chapotraphouse got the boot, but, not /r/communism, LOL. wtf?


celebratedrecluse wrote

this is because r/communism is authoritarian and academic focused and full of built-in hierarchical ideology-shaming, whereas chapo was more permissive and had a diverse group of people in it, particularly trans people and a sizeable anarchist contingent.

From a capitalist marketers' lens, as well as a policing/government lens, both concluded that chapo was the target and major community to be hit, not an annoying authoritarian place like r/communism

It's kind of like how there are a million tankie socialist parties in USA that are all small and divisive and fragmented, with only influence in certain areas and never working with each other. why doesn't government lock the members all up? Because they are not a threat currently, and their pointless organizations are a great sinkhole for the type of people who might otherwise pose a threat


ziq wrote (edited )

That sub is prob controlled by feds who work all day to make communism look like a really bad idea. I mean they ban everyone who doesn't praise Xi's name.


DeeNo wrote

They just needed to ban a prominent "lefty" sub to keep all the dumbasses in r/T_D and all the other libs from complaining about bias and chinese investors.

(In addition to what others have said)


ziq wrote

Maybe they can ban r/stupidpol when they ban that fash sub r/metacanada.


TheDeed wrote

Fuck stupidpol


ziq wrote

It's a stain on the left


TheDeed wrote

Honestly I feel like there were more rightwingers/lib kids who watched too many youtube sjw comps than actual lefties, but maybe thats just my optimism.


castwoy wrote

People are complaining anyway because they left sino up


ziq wrote

Nice, I did the same thing when they banned my sub.


ziq wrote

tick tock r/@

they're so complacent over there, they used to have a back up plan in place on their sidebar (they were linking to raddle) but they nixed it in favor of a plug for /completeanarchy


lvysaur wrote (edited )

reddit is basically a more toxic version of 4chan now, but with fewer N-bombs to show how it's "totally not racist".

The top comment in the thread is a concern troll about r/sino. 2 of the dudes have -15 downvotes on my RES. (LickNipMcSkip and FriskyPhysics)

Literally the only thing that r/sino does is maintain a different perspective about events. It can only be considered Chinese propaganda, inasmuch as r/China and r/worldnews are US propaganda.


Raico wrote

Why not create a thread on meta about promoting raddle? It would most likely be supported.

They are going to dump CA anyways, so it might be a perfect moment.


ziq wrote

It's not worth the grief. A bunch of them will attack me and the site and it'll be like I"m on trial. There's no forum on the internet that's more toxic than metanarchism. It constantly eats itself like an infinity snake.


citizen_of_industry wrote

I hope you all are accepting refugees. I know my past as a CTH poster makes me suspect but whatever happens I am never going back to reddit again. Apparently saying slave owners were bad is inciting violence....


Zippity wrote

And apparently saying we punch pigs in minecraft is so terrible, I'm just tryna get some pork bruh.


LimeWarrior wrote

It's almost like they feel threatened. Like they know that they are wage slave owners. Maybe they understand their position in the class struggle and actively work to keep it. Nah, I shouldn't believe my lying eyes. Class struggle is a conspiracy theory.


somerandomletters wrote

I guess I'm finally going to start using this site after I signed up ages ago.