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Defasher wrote (edited )

Don't pretend like you're doing something to save the world. Industry is killing everything, all you do is promote more industry. You're doing the direct opposite of helping.

I'm actually a green anarchist - I reject things that hurt the world. My footprint is miniscule. I've dropped out of society and this phone is my last tether to that world. You don't, you just play lip service to a vague idea of sustainability like "noooo we'll totally make our augments more sustainable than all the piles of tech we buy now after the revolution".

I'm not a primitivist like F7, just anticiv, but you can't be pro-industrialism while calling yourself a green anarchist.


ConquestOfToast wrote

Cool I'll admit to that when you can admit that creating technology isn't the same as industry. Christ you people are so full of assumptions and intellectual dishonesty it's disgusting. And I don't pay lip service, sure I may be more tethered than you, but I do things as well to limit my effect on the environment. I also know that while personal responsibility is absolutely necessary, it's a bandaid. Radical restructuring of our human society needs to happen before actual sustainability can be achieved. Restructuring that absolutely requires technology, as we're already in a spiral we can't pull out from by just making better individual decisions. As far as augmentation or whatever stick for brain flippant you want to throw at me, I don't propose we seek to develop whatever sci fi flight of fancy you think I dream about until after dismantling capitalism, patriarchy, and the destructive systems that caused our ecological feed back loop. But to know that, you'd have to stop being a pretentious asshole.