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SouthsideGrackles wrote (edited )

How do you know the new account that did that was them?

And no, not me.

I think you were clearly impersonating them. That other user assumed you were them (and you didn't explain you weren't), I saw someone else who did too elsewhere on raddle today, and I assumed you were them too until Ham told me otherwise. I still think it is suspicious you're denying it when you clearly were impersonating them, but that you gave your actual username of defasher makes me a little less suspicious I guess.

Still, I wish youd admit to trying to impersonate them and give an explanation as to why. Itd make me feel a lot better about this site.

I saw one post where you talk about your children. Do yoy even have children, or were you just saying that to better impersonate hamjam5 from reddit?


Defasher wrote (edited )

People talking about his new account:

He deleted it now because it got outed as him.


SouthsideGrackles wrote

I just see people saying it was him. They could be wrong you know. I can ask Ham if you want. Who's the account they're saying is him?

Also, answer the question about the kids. Do you actually have kids or were you just saying that because you were impersonating hamjam from reddit?


Defasher wrote

Lying your arse off on the internet is an integral part of any good opsec regimen, so whatever answer I would give you wouldn't be worth much.


SouthsideGrackles wrote (edited )

Youre really fishy.

That you won't admit to impersonating them when you clearly were and won't explain why you were should be concerning to people.

Heck, maybe youre the one who sent those suicide pms as part of this disinformation campaign of yours.