What is nihilist anarchism?

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Many anarchists, particularly within the Individualist, illegalist, egoist, insurrectionist etc tendencies tend to have a nihilist bent. We are not fooled by delusions of an anarchist revolution, and if one were to even happen we have no faith that it would be a revolution in which we all got along afterwards. However, unlike many revolutionary anarchists, we don't see this as a reason to stop fighting for our desires. Somebody could prove to us today that there would never be a revolution, and we would still do what we do. Many of us don't even desire a revolution, for reasons which are too dynamic to get into right before I go to sleep.*

Aside from the (non) revolutionary aspect, we are also moral nihilists and don't fall prey to the moral and dogmatic crusades of the left (and left anarchists).

Basically, anarcho-nihilism is the tendency to inject a healthy dose of nihilism (positive nihilism, generally) into different aspects your anarchism. And in my opinion you can't actually have productive or effective anarchism without this.

People don't generally identify as "nihilists" the way one would identify as a vegetarian, atheist etc. it's more of a tendency.

Renzo Novatore was an anarchist who talked a lot about his nihilism. Nihilist aspects can also be found in Stirner's writings. There is of course Nietzsche, who was not an anarchist but whom many anarchists find inspiration in.

Little Black Cart publish a handful of books dealing with nihilism from an anarchist perspective. Check out Boom!, Attentat, and blessed is the flame, which is a particularly fascinating book which looks at concentration camp rebellion through an anarcho-nihilist lens. Also check out the recent writings of the CCF.

This wasn't the most thorough response I could give, but it's bedtime. I'm sure somebody else will come along with a more intelligent way to frame all of this. I'll just leave you with this quote from Novatore's I Am Also A Nihilist:

I am an individualist because I am an anarchist; and I am an anarchist because I am a nihilist. But I also understand nihilism in my own way...

I don’t care whether it is Nordic or Oriental, nor whether or not is has a historical, political, practical tradition, or a theoretical, philosophical, spiritual, intellectual one. I call myself a nihilist because I know that nihilism means negation.

Negation of every society, of every cult, of every rule and of every religion. But I don’t yearn for Nirvana, any more than I long for Schopenhauer’s desperate and powerless pessimism, which is a worse thing than the violent renunciation of life itself. Mine is an enthusiastic and dionysian pessimism, like a flame that sets my vital exuberance ablaze, that mocks at any theoretical, scientific or moral prison.

And if I call myself an individualist anarchist, an iconoclast and a nihilist, it is precisely because I believe that in these adjectives there is the highest and most complete expression of my willful and reckless individuality that, like an overflowing river, wants to expand, impetuously sweeping away dikes and hedges, until it crashes into a granite boulder, shattering and breaking up in its turn. I do not renounce life. I exalt and sing it.

*I should note that I can't speak for everybody as far as the revolutionary stuff goes, but it is the general opinion of most anarchists I have spoken to who tend towards nihilism.


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That's not actually hamjam5 from reddit. I'm still in correspondence with them from before they got suspended by the admins, and they just confirmed to me that they don't use raddle.

Kind of creepy that someone is posing as them. Very suspicious and sad.


SouthsideGrackles wrote (edited )

Hey, why are you posing as hamjam5 from reddit? That's a creepy thing to do. I don't mean to hurl accusations and I do deal with paranoid thinking, but it seems like some sort of disinformation campaign. What kind of person or group would do that?

Sorry, but it seems really suspicious.


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Muh private property


This is my username now, deal.


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I didn't say cease using it, I asked why you're impersonating them? Because it is really suspicious and creepy. As i said before, what kind of person or group would want to impersonate a radical and spead misinformation among a radical community? So, you can see my concern, since I'd rather not see the kind of individuals or groups who would be motivated to spread misinformation among radicals in radical spaces.


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He tried to talk a bunch of people into killing themselves in pms on reddit, so I grabbed this username so he can't start up with his oppressive shit on this site too. I'm not spreading any misinformation or claiming that I'm him.


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What, really? But he's been suspended for a while, so why did you just now grab the username? And why would you make a bunch of posts from the individualist/post left perspective rather than just sit on the username? Doing that looks like you're trying to impersonate them.

And you definitely were impersonating them since when someone addressed you as them you didn't say you weren't them when you responded.

That you're denying it now when you clearly were doing so just makes my suspicions even greater about who you are and what your motivations are..


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Because he (you?) just suicide goaded 3 people (including 2 women) with his new account.

And why would you make a bunch of posts from the individualist/post left perspective

I'm /u/Defasher. I'm post-left and anti-civ. I reposted a couple of the better posts from the post-left anarchist reddit sub using this account because I want to steer raddle into a more individualist direction than it currently is. I could have done it with any random account, but I'm lazy so I just used this one.

Despite his faults, ham / juan is a bloody good theorist. I don't completely blame him for his actions, I'm sure his mental health had a lot to do with what he did.

And you definitely were impersonating them since when someone addressed you as them you didn't say you weren't them when you responded.

I just cracked a joke. Who cares? It's my account now. I plan to plagiarize the fuck out of as many post leftists as I can. Fuck intellectual property.


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How do you know the new account that did that was them?

And no, not me.

I think you were clearly impersonating them. That other user assumed you were them (and you didn't explain you weren't), I saw someone else who did too elsewhere on raddle today, and I assumed you were them too until Ham told me otherwise. I still think it is suspicious you're denying it when you clearly were impersonating them, but that you gave your actual username of defasher makes me a little less suspicious I guess.

Still, I wish youd admit to trying to impersonate them and give an explanation as to why. Itd make me feel a lot better about this site.

I saw one post where you talk about your children. Do yoy even have children, or were you just saying that to better impersonate hamjam5 from reddit?


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People talking about his new account:


He deleted it now because it got outed as him.


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I just see people saying it was him. They could be wrong you know. I can ask Ham if you want. Who's the account they're saying is him?

Also, answer the question about the kids. Do you actually have kids or were you just saying that because you were impersonating hamjam from reddit?


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Lying your arse off on the internet is an integral part of any good opsec regimen, so whatever answer I would give you wouldn't be worth much.


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Youre really fishy.

That you won't admit to impersonating them when you clearly were and won't explain why you were should be concerning to people.

Heck, maybe youre the one who sent those suicide pms as part of this disinformation campaign of yours.