Anarchy, a Herbicide

Submitted by hamjam5 in Anarchism

The grand social Leviathan to which people refer as "Society" is itself a reification; its true reality is its individuals. Before civilization, before the first states, individuals would roam in packs, would enjoy each other's company, their society, as it were. Along with the neolithic revolution came the downfall of the nomadic lifestyle of humans: we began to settle. We protected our crops, the abodes we had built nearby them. Over time, these settlements developed into what we now know as civilization.

Civilization pocked the face of human history. It gave rise to organizationalism, to religion (which in turn gave way to various ideologies and moralities and moralisms), to the domestication of the human. From the seed planted that was early civilization sprouted the first nationstates. Before civilization, we were all free, we could all do as we pleased; we hunted, we gathered, we made love with whomever would enjoy us back, we painted cave walls, and more and more and more. But then, at the dawn of early statehood, the plant that sprouted from formerly unsullied soil now provided shade to millions. It pacified, but it also enslaved.

Civilization, the seed from which the State grows, caused us humans to define ourselves arbitrarily by class or by religion or by gender. The fluidity of our company was compromised. The tree that is the State is really a thick, barky weed in the soil. What a shame.

Since civilization is the seed from which the State grows, it is necessary to uproot the Weed from its spot to eradicate our soil of the State and its kind. It is not possible to revert back to a pre-civilized existence, a Treeless, unsullied soil; but it is possible to advance, rather, to a post-civilized, learned existence, a soil which has been sullied by monstrous weeds but that is free of their dull shade, that is unbound.

This state of being, anarchy, is achievable, but like the soil, it requires constant, permanent maintenance. The insurrection against the State, against civilization, must be continued thereafter if anarchy is to be sustained.


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