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nosho18 wrote

Hey :-) So this raddle account is tied to North Shore Counter-Info (, an anarchist counter-info site for Southern Ontario. It's a good place to look to see what's happening in the anarchist space. We will help publicize initiatives you take on an anarchist basis.

There's nothing stable up in Vaughan/Markham/Richmond Hill area that I'm aware of. Your best bet is the York University area. There are lots of interesting people involved in Jane and Finch Action Against Poverty, for instance, and you could reach out to the PIRG on campus: though that will get you broad left at best.

In terms of other areas, there is an IWW chapter in Barrie, if that's easier than downtown Toronto.

Hamilton is a lot more than a reading group. There is the region's only anarchist social centre there, The Tower, so a lot of anarchists from different towns pass through and they would likely also help you with anything you wanted to start.

Toronto is tricky, but the Toronto Anarchist Reading Group has been meeting once a week for years and Rising Tide Toronto is a great group of people.