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celebratedrecluse wrote

The most dangerous idea is believing "most people are X".

Every situation is unique, people don't have an immutable nature, behavior develops relative to context, and this article is just Great Man ideology made palatable for ancoms.


AlyoshaK wrote

Great article!! Super interested in reading Mutual Aid. The self-fulfilling idea that people are inherently selfish and evil is so demonstrably dangerous, unfortunately I grew up in a situation where that thought process was the norm. It's so important to turn this line of thinking around!


insurrectobot wrote

if 'most' / the majority of people on this planet were 'pretty decent', it wouldn't be the complete mess that it is at present.


rot wrote

It assumes thet people are born with a static code of right and wrong and would normally adhere to that code because of human's need for teamwork.

not sure if that's what kropotkin believed but its what the author of the article seems to believe


a_perfect_map wrote (edited )

No, you've got it wrong I feel. I mean we agree this place is a total mess. But the many don't have any power, it lies in the hands of the few. This world is a reflection on them, not us.

I feel most people want community, autonomy, identity, family, a place to sleep and eat and feel safe, to have sex and love and be loved, to be useful and a million other human yearnings that in no way involve taking from others. I think there is a messy, contradictory moral system in people that is as low as language. I can't say exactly what but there is a very flawed shared human morality based in biology as well as social norms. I argure that its Civilization is what drives us apart and kills us emotionally. It's civilized hierarchy that allows the sociopathic to gain huge amounts of power and turn us against each other.

This is like what people always say to me when discussing anarchism, they're always like, well, who will be the police and protect us from the violently anti social?

And I have to explain that the power a position like police officer enjoys will either attract sociopaths or corrupt anyone who occupies it. This is true of any hierarchy, it creates real life super villians or is extremely attractive to them. Look to human history for roughly 10 million examples of this.

The only way is no authority. Otherwise- Who watches the watchers?