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Naokotani wrote

This sounds hard. I think I am going to stick to working out the bugs in my community apple cider project for the time being.


FreePianoKeys wrote

This sounds incredible obviously, but the logistics are challenging to say the least.


jadedctrl wrote

Manufacturing? How much of the commodity chain do you plan on controling?


zorblax wrote

manufacturing silicon is hard.

Unless you mean selecting pieces, putting them together right, and slapping an OS on them, in which case that's a lot less hard.


elyersio wrote

Can it be automated? We can build a phone producing factory, as long as it's transparent and open source. Also, what kind of impact does making silicon have on the environment?


happysmash27 wrote

I've done a lot of research on this, and automation is not the problem; rather, it's the means of production which are absurdly expensive. For this, one needs an absurdly clean space, very good lenses, and a way to make the circuit masks, which I still haven't figured out too well myself. But for your question, automation not only can be done, but is pretty much required for all of the precise movements needed to make both circuits and dense PCBs.

If we could create a decently cheap means of production for this, I believe it would start a hardware revolution, as anyone could make a circuit rather than just big companies. It would be much easier to audit the hardware too…


PainlessEphemera wrote

Sure. I would join. I’m not too good with computers though, but I would love to contribute.


zer0crash wrote

This needs to happen. I'm afraid the idea is ahead of its time tho. There are lots of things we would need in place to be capable of running a production chain.


Halstan wrote

Go to China. They have a lot of cheap brands that would be much easier to back engineer.


Defasher wrote

Wouldn't that defeat the whole purpose if you had to outsource to Chinese slave labour?


Halstan wrote

I didn't say that. Just get their designs. They keep everything in house.