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enforcedcompliance wrote

I feel the same way. Even if that isn't the case I wonder how many of those so-called radicals shaming people into voting for Bernie would be instantly pacified if he won. I mean if Bernie wins then those who voted for him did their job and that would be a substantial high.


ziq wrote

I wrote an essay a while ago that reached that same conclusion. They'd spend the rest of his presidency adamantly defending everything he does, justifying his authoritarian actions, and blaming external forces for all his failures. I don't think these Bernie fans are actually anarchists in the first place, but they won't have an anarchist bone left in their body after rallying behind a social democrat for 4-8 years.


celebratedrecluse wrote

It would be interesting to see how things would play out, the most likely outcome is that he becomes to them an emotionally devastating disappointment which demobilizes/confuses the "mensheviks" and radicalizes the "bolsheviks"