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chaos wrote

Considering that American liberals think they're leftwing, I think it's very likely ancaps have no understanding of politics either.


zorblax wrote

I think maybe half of them do. The rest are just unabashed fascists who like capitalism a lot.


Defasher wrote

I'm pretty sure most of them are fascists that are trolling us.

A few of them actually believe it, but they usually come around to real anarchism eventually.


hentai wrote

I used to be friends with an anarcho-capitalist. He wasn't the best of person and was super shady. I had to end our friendship.


zombie_berkman wrote

back in the early and mid 2000s yes. not sure about now because i havent been close to one for the better part of a decade


FreePianoKeys wrote

From what I know of ancaps they not only strongly believe they are anarchists but that they are the only valid anarchists. What I find, not without exception, to be their most common characteristic is an intensive arrogance.