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kore wrote (edited )

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It's also worth noting that long term studies on people who smoke less than like half a pack a day (which is still a good bit) are almost completely nonexistent, and forget any reliable information about people that are smoking a few cigarettes a week at parties.

Nicotine is highly addictive, regardless of delivery method, and that can be detrimental to someone's life. I'm an ex-smoker and I have really mixed feelings about this topic. On the one hand, like you said there's a huge cultural history and in moderation it's certainly a much lower risk, on the other addiction to cigs is not really that fun and it's an easy thing to slip into. I don't think smoking a lot of anything is healthy.


enforcedcompliance wrote

Also an ex-smoker (smoked for about 10 years) and I occasionally will smoke a cigarette when out with friends... but usually regret it the moment I finish it. I'm glad I feel this regret or else I would TOTALLY go back to a pack a day. :s