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daniel_ wrote

I support tobacco, it's deep cultural history both in cultivation and consumption. I do not support adulterated hyper addictive, hyper regulated commoditized products with embedded fiberglass filters that birds choke on for $58 dollars a pack (90% of which is taxes). Tobacco isn't great for you if you use it heavily, but research indicates the carciongenicity of it may actually be due to the fertilizer and not the tobacco itself.

People should grown their own tobacco (without synthetic fertilizer), and not smoke chemical papers. By law they must add a chemical to cigarette paper that stops it from burning if left unattended, so people don't fall asleep and light their houes on fire... It should be consumed in traditional ways or using natural vehicles (corn cob pipe, tobacco leaf) instead of all the shit we're doing now.


kore wrote (edited )

It's also worth noting that long term studies on people who smoke less than like half a pack a day (which is still a good bit) are almost completely nonexistent, and forget any reliable information about people that are smoking a few cigarettes a week at parties.

Nicotine is highly addictive, regardless of delivery method, and that can be detrimental to someone's life. I'm an ex-smoker and I have really mixed feelings about this topic. On the one hand, like you said there's a huge cultural history and in moderation it's certainly a much lower risk, on the other addiction to cigs is not really that fun and it's an easy thing to slip into. I don't think smoking a lot of anything is healthy.


enforcedcompliance wrote

Also an ex-smoker (smoked for about 10 years) and I occasionally will smoke a cigarette when out with friends... but usually regret it the moment I finish it. I'm glad I feel this regret or else I would TOTALLY go back to a pack a day. :s