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emmaloldman wrote (edited )

I think /u/TheLegendaryBirdMonster summed it up nicely but I’ll add a bit about the differences in analysis I’ve experienced as an anarchist coming from Marxism.

In the broad sense, communism is primarily concerned with class struggle as the essential point of social conflict. While this is unquestionably a large contributor to the social ills we see today, anarchism extends this struggle into abolishing domination within every sphere of life. Hierarchy, patriarchy, racism, gender norms, nationalism, ableism, ecocide, speciesism; these are all things that—while certainly exacerbated by class—cause a great deal of suffering outside of a traditional Marxist critique of capitalism.

This holistic view is why I’m an anarchist.


thirdnature wrote

i actually find the idea that the history of all societies has been a history of class struggle pretty incredible hah i can't believe that idea isn't challenged more. i'd never shit on marx (i don't know his work that well, but from what i gather he was fuckin incredibly insightful/intelligent and anarchism has rly benefited from a lot of what he wrote), but that's just so obviously a case of projecting yr current situation into the past.


emmaloldman wrote (edited )

Yeah I suppose a more accurate statement (and this could be what he meant) is "the history of large-scale western civilization..." rather than just societies as a whole. As far as I know, his analysis of class struggle starts with feudalism but I've really only read Capital Vol. 1 so anyone should feel free to correct me.