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shanoxilt wrote

Because communism implies anarchism: a classless, stateless society.


MrPotatoeHead wrote

It does not imply this at all. Prove it.


ziq wrote

Even Marx says communism is stateless.


MrPotatoeHead wrote

And yet every communist entity has been a state. USSR and China were unfriendly at best. People aren't ready for a one world government. The Muslims will try to destroy it. Africa should accept it as they don't seem capable of anything other than fighting with each other. Perfection is impossible on this planet, a great goal, but compromises must be made.


Defasher wrote (edited )

They weren't communist, they just called themselves so. USSR and China are both state capitalist. Either you abolish money and state or you aren't communist. It's not rocket science.

People aren't ready for a one world government.

Boy are you confused.


foggymorn wrote

one world government

You clearly don't know the first thing about anarchism, at least read the book linked in the sidebar before you spew this rubbish.


thirdnature wrote

i'm not entirely certain about ALL but most attempts at communism have been via marx's idea that a dictatorship of the proletariat would force a transition from capitalism to a communist society and once communism has been achieved/assured, the dictatorship would dissolve itself. anarchists have always thought it was bizarre to think a dictatorship would ever dissolve itself and historically they've been right.

these 'examples' of communist countries were definitively not communist. if there's a dictator, centralized authority, or a market economy it isn't communism- they might be intending to move in that direction, but they aren't communist countries-, no matter what you learned in school or hear on tv or from clueless politicians and political commentators.

communism isn't about a perfect world. it's about a different vision of so-called human nature. capitalism is founded on the belief that humanity is naturally greedy, competitive, and violent (see hobbes, see locke, the mainstream notion of human nature was articulated by a few cynical renaissance jackasses and jackass economists who were influenced by those two piles of trash). this selfish, violent humanity has to be kept in check by a state and our appetites regulated by or channeled into a market economy.

communism, anarcho-communism, and anarchism in general takes less of an ahistorical and less of a religious stance on human nature, one rooted in science, sociology, and anthropology, etc. it views the human as inherently social, not a mindless monster viciously pursuing the satisfaction of its appetites or manipulatively seeking out its own self-interest. anarchists and communists recognize the principle of mutual aid in human behavior, that we are capable of organizing and maintaining ourselves without a state to control or focus our self-interest in the right direction and anarchists/etc know we would do a much better job of it than a highly centralized, detached apparatus of coercion and exploitation. complex systems theory attests to this and almost affirms it as a fact, if you ask me.

communism isn't a one world government, you should probably research stuff rather than just accepting the bullshit perpetuated by public schools and the trash on the news as truth.

the idea that 'Muslims would destory it' is pretty fucked up. you should read about the recent history of the middle east and africa's relationship to colonial powers. you'll be surprised to find that most of the current social problems and warfare are a result of western imperialism. if you're under the impression that 'muslims and jews have been fighting for 100s of years' you should look into history. caliphates, while nowhere near utopic in nature, tended toward a high level of cultural tolerance. look into how britain manufactured israel's geopolitical situation and how the west supports the israeli government in its incredibly violent, racist campaign against the palestinians, how the west supports saudi arabia in- among other things- the horrifying bombardment of yemen, look into the war against the soviets in afghanistan and the us's occupation after the defeat of the soviets by propping up oppressive, violent puppet regimes.