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Betting / gambling is probably the most fun I have in my life, between visiting casinos for vacation to playing poker online to betting on the horses. but in an ancom society if there's no money how would we gamble? If everyone is equal all the time then there aren't any stakes, nothing can be won or lost, and you can't get the adrenaline rush you get from gambling.

How would we address this problem?



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heckthepolice2 wrote

You can bet collective-toothbrush-use-vouchers instead


Fuzz wrote

You search for other forms to compete with other people without needing to use money.


JUGhead OP wrote

Do you mean like russian roulette? Gambling with your life? That seems a little extreme to me.


throwaway wrote

No, I doubt that's what he means. Not sure how you extrapolated that from it. Here's my thoughts:

Gambling is undeniably exploitation. It's based on gamification, appealing to the parts of the brain that love getting rewarded, and profiting from that appeal. If you gamble, you have surely heard the expression, "the house always wins", before. As most people know, including gamblers, you won't walk away from gambling with a profit, and if you do, you're very likely to become addicted, and throw that profit back into the system.

What you love about gambling can be found elsewhere, without you selling your soul.

Furthermore, anarcho-communism doesn't outright dismiss the idea of a currency system, but rather the exploitative nature of currency as it exists today (banking, fiat currency, centralization, stock markets and on and on).

I believe you would come to your own natural understanding of these concepts if you actually read into what anarcho-communism is, and what it isn't. Try reading some of the "big bangers", there's plenty of litterature to be found all around you.


ziq wrote

Furthermore, anarcho-communism doesn't outright dismiss the idea of a currency system

That's not true. Communism is moneyless.


throwaway wrote

That's true, but anarcho-communism isn't communism, and anarchism isn't inherently moneyless. There's a lot of different thoughts on currency and how it can be utilized without enabling corruption, greed, hoarding and all that.


catherder wrote

Well, sure, okay... but an-com is a bunch of stuff before it becomes shallow cosmetics a few years later when the hipsters become liberal caps ( they've been all this time but) :-)


avbeav wrote

Try chess. It's very common for people to play without betting money.


leila wrote

You bet points. Everyone always has at least one point and you can get more points by winning bets. The points don't mean anything but you can still get invested in them because of the time it takes to collect points.


ViksHrks wrote (edited )

You can still bet on the stock exchange, whether the shares will rise or not. Almost any online casino, here you are, and the bets and money are huge, and there is where to think, with good luck and common sense, it is possible to earn money on this. Now life is one continuous lottery, either lucky or not. You can always convert time and effort into cash or trust your luck and not know the trouble. Everyone wants to outwit fate and achieve victory and euphoria from this. Some are already chasing only joy and sometimes lose a lot of money in the pursuit of it.