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lustysociety wrote

I wrote my initial post because I do not associate good things with feminists (especially not european feminists in 2017) and thus I do not qualify myself as feminist eventhough I support the main goals of feminists that are already achieved in West-Europe, IMO.
The replies I got were neither a pleasant surprise nor did all respect even the original feminist goals.
Quotes from tanattyn:

  • "Rich white cishet able women like patriarchy, so please don't smash it", cries the liberal.
  • inb4 "you are just a troll", "you have presented no reasoned argument therefore patriarchy wins forever and infinitely", etc
  • sighs Come back when you've trained more, noob.
  • I'm afraid I do not understand your continued existence, liberal.

Then she explains her view of patriarchy, capitalism, liberals and men.
I can not follow her thoughts and vocabulary there either.


tanattyn wrote

I don't want to research feminist discourse at all before I tell everyone "feminism bad biased etc Q.E.D.", I just want to make people that have, feel like shit. In fact I want to pathologize and publicly shame people that do know women's issues, and pollute the discourse with unchecked emotional opposition.