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lustysociety wrote

"unfair" and "biased" is my immediate expection and mental association and not reality or my imputation or my opinion of a specific group or person.
Truth is, I did never investigate who is behind BLM. I just got a glimpse of the riots and the talks in the main media.
I guess I have encountered too many statements in school, the media and the internet with open or subtle accusation of white people and especially white men (sex, sexual preference and skin color as characteristics) of being responsible for the pollution of earth, poverty, murder, war, arrogance and discrimination.

Regarding Spencer, I do not like violence against opinions and speech.
AFAIK he did not punch or kill anybody and I have never read that his goal is to punch or kill anyone.
I do not think that all preferences and opinions of all or even most persons can or should be reduced to the same. Especially not by violence.
I find it sad and discouraging that anarchists on reddit:

  • are reacting in joy to the violence to an IMO innocent person.
  • are reacting so strongly about that event because nothing else happens for or by them; they are limited to posting, arguing, accusing and reacting. Maybe anarchism is not something to build upon in the real world but just a topic to argue about.

ArbitraryHuman wrote (edited )

"are reacting in joy to the violence to an IMO innocent person."

Perhaps that's because said "innocent person" is not so innocent as he might appear to you.