Amazon in the Middle of Facial Recognition Tech Controversy lawless.tech

Submitted by likhuta in Amazon

With the news on facial recognition tech being embraced by the government of China, Western audiences started joking about Black Mirror coming to life. However, now the joke seems to be on them as the westernmost government of all has adopted a fairly similar tech developed by Amazon.

This polarizing issue is too complex to comprehend it in one go, or so it seems. The controversy varies from the concerns of America mutating into George Orwell’s Oceania to flamboyant hopes that with this new tech no criminal will ever be able to get away from justice. But media circus has never been good at sorting the wheat from the chaff. What does Amazon’s Rekognition tech actually do? What will it be doing? Is it actually capable of what people believe it can do? Finally, is the risk of the world becoming a fearsome dystopia any viable? lawless.tech decided to take a closer look at the issue.


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