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ziq wrote (edited )

Can you demonstrate that this need exists somehow? It's hard enough to get the rest of the radleft population to care about this site, without getting another site that caters to what would amount to maybe 5% of the audience raddle has off the ground. Would they even want to be sandboxed into their own little ecosystem?

I guess what I'm asking is, would they be content sitting at the kiddie table with a handful of their peers when there's nothing physically stopping them from crashing the (still very underpopulated) party in the room next door?

I still have the domain if that helps. But I'm not sure a site for 13-15 year old radical leftists is going to work for several reasons that come to mind.


noordinaryspider wrote

I know that I don't personally have the resources to create it because I've already tried and failed so many times.

I'm already "out" about not being completely done with parenting minors so I think I feel okay saying that I'm 99 44/100% sure that I am not personally responsible for the problems on Raddle nor do I feel any need to defend my parenting here but I'm openly scared half to death about the logistics of how to get this digital native safely on the other side of adolescence.

It feels to me right now as if he's going to outgrow his gaming community or get too political and get himself banned eventually unless I get him killed first by overreacting to what some teen only intended as an innocent prank.

"Just lie" was the solution everyone on his community offered when Matrix changed their TOS but that is not acceptable to me and I am the parent so I control physical access to the ethernet cables and the router and eventually someone found a limited Matrix server on Disroot that didn't have an age policy.

No offense intended, but if you have been honest with me about your afk circumstances and how many minor kids you are currently raising, I would have to say that this isn't your problem and I will delete this thread myself if you feel that it is inappropriate for the over sixteen space that you are already busting your butt to maintain.

IMNSHO, it might also be appropriate for Useless Thoughts but I haven't even stepped up to moderate age and aging, as little traffic as it gets and as disproportionate a share of benefits I slurp up, so I don't get to criticize the people who are doing the work to keep Raddle going.

tl/dr: never mind; just thinking out loud....


ziq wrote (edited )

No offense intended, but if you have been honest with me about your afk circumstances and how many minor kids you are currently raising

I think you might have me confused with someone else, I'm not raising any kids. I didn't take any offense. Just trying to better understand your idea to see if I could help. There's nothing inappropriate about your thoughts.

If you were criticizing anyone, I couldn't tell.


noordinaryspider wrote

Nah, I didn't think you were raising any kids. I'm not confused. I just suck at communicating.

The only person I'm criticizing is myself.