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Tequila_Wolf OP wrote

This is interesting and I'd like to explore it more.

I was thinking of something different though, something more personal. Rather than an aid network of faceless people, I thought that personally knowing solid people around the world who each have access to their own regional and international networks and are able to mobilise them. While I can definitely see the use of a more broad approach, a personal one seems less mediated to me and generally desirable for that.

That said, trying to organise networks over the multiple non-intersecting identities that I have on the internet seems hard and I wonder how I'd manage that. Maybe a more faceless network would work well for my participation as, say, Tequila_Wolf.

So far as money goes, the closest thing I know of to a financial aid network for anarchists is the anarchist defense fund. I have basically no money to spare that doesn't get put into more immediate projects but if I ever feel like I have a chunk of dough I'll contribute there.

One of the tricks for me around this generally will be making sure that I'm doing good work, and then also that I have access to information about people doing the same so that I can get in touch with them, build relationships and make moves.


hasbrochem wrote

If you really would like to, this is something I'm very interested in and have some (actually somewhat successful) experience with doing this kind of thing. if you go to and search for "tapir signal" you should still be able to find a bunch of the stuff we were able to do.

there were three of us that started it and I helped steer it in an anarchist direction where we refused to deal with money, authority was decentralized, it was volunteer based and no one was compensated. we helped people find housing (temp and permanent), get food, one person to get an abortion, to move across states, and in large part we just talked with people that needed someone who could understand their situation. talking about it doesn't really do it justice and I wish others could hear the stories of these people, not of how they were helped, but the story of them because they're fucking amazing.

this is where a lot of my hatred of the mormon cult comes from as dealing with the harm they cause first hand makes any reconciliation impossible.

sadly it was taken over by liberal assholes and shitheads that wanted to use it as a resume builder and turn it into a fucking ngo-style organization, throwing away all of the work that had been put into it from literally hundreds of people. it broke my heart but I told them to fuck off with that shit and left. :(

after that, I was working with a couple people to start up something similar to this but with a bigger focus on community building since that's honestly what a lot of people are missing, IMO. there's a private subreddit r/BreadForAll which was supposed to be this, but it fell through before we could get it off the ground. if there are others that are interested in doing something like this, count me in. I would fucking love to work with others for this type of thing, especially with the goal of pushing out past the boundaries of the interwebz since that's where the more vulnerable and neglected are often located, while still taking care of anyone that comes to us.

also, before the IRPGF disbanded there were a couple of us working to create/setup a website of mutual aid for anarchists. then they went defunct and the last I heard from one they were going silent because of the local pigs and the other was caught up with other shit in life (it happens). but there were a lot of people eager to help/donate once we got things running (which didn't happen sadly). so there is definitely plenty of desire for this even outside of raddle.


Tequila_Wolf OP wrote

On the other end of this, I really enjoy building cross-planet relationships with likeminded anarchists who are variously connected to meaningful projects.

On of the things I would really like from raddle is if we could foster a network of anarchists able to support one another in various ways.

I'm always looking out for interesting people with interesting ideas, people with resources, people with influence, so that I can mobilise those capacities where I am. And similarly I'm doing what little I can to support groups elsewhere that are generally alone.

This network building is one of the things I'm most excited about. I wonder if there are ways we could be more proactive about it as a group here.


hasbrochem wrote

Many would argue that China’s investment in Africa benefits Africans as much as the Chinese. That China’s participation creates African jobs. Or that the Chinese are better ‘friends’ to Africa than the West.

In the words of Dr. John Henrick Clarke, Africa has no friends.

neoliberalism, neocapitalism, neocolonialism...fucked, it's fucked and we just sit here typing, talking, drawing some attention to it in our corners of the world while they're left there fucking alone.

this is a criticism aimed mainly at myself and a small venting of frustrations that are building up inside me. from los indigenas en chiapas, to the anarchists in syria outside rojava, to anarchists in belarus, to fighters in chechnya, to the imprisoned in iran, argentina, colombia, those forced underground in venezuela, to those in palestine and on and on and on and fucking on. they've all said it and felt it on a very deep level: we are alone.


hasbrochem wrote

there should be a content warning in the title just from that pic at the top of the article, if you wouldn't mind. I could have used that (no worries).

I am getting fucking sick and tired of tankies that think we need to support someone simply because they are anti-imperialist or anti-murikkka. fuck the usa. fuck maduro. fuck chavez. fuck gaddafi. fuck assad. fuck everyone last one these imperialist shit heads that fuck over the everyday people of every single last one of these goddamn countries.

they start out well talking about how slavery, lynchings and the barbarity was mostly brought into libya at the start of the invasion (a friend from there told me it was happening before then but this is hearsay from one person with nothing to back it up, so take it with a pound of salt) but then devolves into, "how dare they attack the benevolent leader!!" give me a fucking break.


Tequila_Wolf OP wrote

Yeah, I doubt it will happen. It's one of those things that just can't happen.

But I'm not sure things will be getting better there any time soon. If they repair whatever broke that made them stop getting power from Mozambique that'd help quite a bit.

South Africans and people this side of the world generally are pretty used to regular power cuts but even the rich aren't prepared for something that long. Being prepared with solar power stuff etc is completely out of reach for most people; I'll guess the average income for the region is between 50 and 80 dollars a month.


hasbrochem wrote

I was reading the article thinking "oh shit, this is gonna be bad..." and then

social unrest, and looting would occur

well, maybe not everything about it would be bad.

joking aside, this is not good especially for anyone with special needs of one kind or another. are there realistic means for people to build their own local power grids? I'm not just talking about in s africa but in other places, particularly where each of us live, without having to shell out money to the likes of musk.