'You probably didn’t hear about this in your local news, so allow me to tell you what happened today in my home country of Sudan:'

Submitted by Tequila_Wolf in Africa

Remember how young women and men forced dictator Al-Bashir out of his office nearly 2 months ago , with a massive sit-in?

Well, the sit-in never actually ended. It has been going on for the past 52 days, and will continue until a complete transition to a civil transitional government is complete.

Of course, the Army has been resisting this transition, as armies usually do, and been playing hardball with the negotiation team that represents the young protestors, and has been to trying its best to get them to settle for less than a civilian government , and playing all the dirty tricks in the playbook.

Today, as reminder of who holds the legitimacy and people’ power, Sudanese people responded to a call for a 2 day general strike called for by the negotiators.

And EVERYONE responded. Bankers, doctors, engineers, pilots, air field control technicians, government bureaucrats, grocery stores .. You name it!

As result, the country has been grounded, literally. No flights, no work, no taxes collected, no nothing.

This is happening in a country were unions have been dismantled decades ago, and lead by youth who never voted in their lives.

Sudan may not be a democracy (yet) but democratic values and attitudes are very alive and well in there.

They are ready for freedom .

#مدنيااااو #تسقط_بس

Mohamed Abubakr
Yesterday at 00:41


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