AfriForum vs EFF - Land Debate in Parliament youtube.com

Submitted by didiDIDI in Africa

Reposting MJA commenting on this:

AfriForum's submission on expropriation without compensation. You have to watch this, it was like a post 94 confrontation between current black government and an apartheid apologist reflecting on the new South Africa. Was very emotive. Responses from the committee to Roets' submission had me in tears at one point. The open frustration and rage Roets brought out of some of the usually contained MP's was a lot.

Standout points for me (MJA):

  • Roets saying EFF and ANC are in alliance to bring about a communist state is what's leading to SA's economic downfall
  • Roets linking land expropriation to trade deals with China
  • Roets claiming 90% of land claims are for urban settlement, not rural farmland
  • The arrogance of Roets submission causing a more moderate MP to declare in rage that he didn't care about the hearings anymore and that they should just move to expropriate the land if people like Roets still existed
  • Some MP's expressing that Roets' words had inculcated militancy in them. Some mention of race wars.
  • Many personal stories of the MP's past and trauma relating to land dispossession as a response to the nature of Roets' submission
  • EFF pointing out that Roets were part of the group who spread the lie of white genocide to imperialist powers and that it was treasonous
  • White MP's expressing disgust and disappointment at Roets, seemingly responding to the fact that Roets had polarized and hardened the hearts of many MPs
  • Afrikaner MP expressing that Roets had disappointed him and his organization. It almost felt like he was telling him that he'd done harm to fellow white people by opening old wounds and unmaking the progress of reconciliation. Sounded properly scared that Roets and who he represented might lead to race wars
  • Roets essentially outing that he had no real interest in the hearings themselves but was using the space as a platform to mobilize other white South Africans

Side note: I (MJA) don't think MP's effectively debunked and poked holes in the arguments Roets made. But given the nature, clear intent, history and tone of Roets, really can't blame them. Would have lost my shit on him.


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ziq wrote (edited )

I love how purple tie guy lists the various ways whites colonized SA and ends with 'least significant: by conquest' - like the other methods weren't conquest also.

Edit: ha, now he's accusing anyone that wants colonizers to stop colonizing of being a racist no different than 'white rightwing fascists in europe'.

The rage in his voice, yikes. This guy is pure scum.

Edit: In the whole video he has this smug condescending look on his face, shaking his head to belittle everyone that talks.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

Will watch the rest of this later - first twelve minutes are enraging.