re: "white genocide" and land seizures - Zoé Samudzi

Submitted by Tequila_Wolf in Africa

today my uncle took me to a township in windhoek called katatura. it was created in 1961 after a period of forcible white displacement of black natives from the old location, the segregated area reserved for blacks under the apartheid system. the allocated lots for black housing were even smaller than in their previous residential areas, functionally preventing people from constructing gardens (used as food sources). it was also difficult economically because black residents had to pay rent to the windhoek municipality AND pay extra money to commute to city center for work.

namibia, remember, was administered by apartheid south africa after the germans left in 1919. like contemporary south africa, the descendants of settlers -- germans and afrikaners alike -- are majority landowners despite being the numerical minority. the forcible transfer of land ownership occurred in this way: with indigenous people being tricked or forced or literally murdered off of land (remember the 1904-1908 german genocide in namibia in which over 60% of herero and 50% of nama were killed) over which european settlers claimed dominion.

"katatura" in otjiherero means "the place where people do not want to live." and the whites are still doing fine.

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