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ziq wrote

Africans should volunteer to teach white ppl self awareness.


retiredshared2 OP wrote (edited )

If you don't want to make yourself look like an idiot, maybe you should avoid making sweeping generalizations. There are white people who recognize the stupidity of this kind of behavior. The actions of a few don't define a group (which is somewhat arbitrarily defined in any case, race is more of a sociocultural grouping than a biological distinction). It doesn't take living in Africa or being a black American to know how stupid it is to go to an entire continent on the pretenses of helping a community and instead making it worse off rather than helping your own local community.

It has more to do with intelligence and culture than skin color. The comedian Chris Tucker visited Nigeria several years ago, and after visiting Nigeria, painted Nigerians as being loud and aggressive in his comedy routine. You can argue that people should just lighten up and take the joke, but that's not fair since Nigeria is already in such a negative light in Western media. Ignorance comes in all shapes and forms.