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PainlessEphemera wrote

I like the post where Barbie culturally appropriates traditional African dress.

Here’s the caption: “Finally got some traditional dress today! Of course, I had to make a few alterations! If there is one thing the country Africa has taught me, it’s to be true to yourself and express your creativity through whatever means possible. Who wore it best? I did. I wore it best.”


zod wrote

Christian missionaries are disgusting.


ziq wrote (edited )

Feeding the baby coca cola and the 'back to back world war champs' ones are the best.


I have never seen anything that compares to this back home. Just goes to show how 110% different absolutely everything is here in Africa! I was lucky enough to come across this rare beauty today on my last day of safari. The "skeweral" (forgive my spelling) is endangered and at risk across the country of Africa. I am thankful to advocate for the voiceless, the skeweral.


barbiesaviorToday I was initiated into an African tribe and I got more tattoos at the ceremony. These people really know how to make a girl feel welcomed, and they definitely know how to highlight my assets! #anythingforjesus #tatas4christ #sunsoutgirlsout #toplesssavior #calledtobenaked #nakedandunafraid #justlikeadamandeve #toplessforjusticeagain #nipslipsavior #backinthegarden

I've actually seen people on flickr post photos just like this one, lmao.


ziq wrote

Nope, new fav. Barbie holding her purse while riding the hippo.

These creatures are so misunderstood. So stigmatized. Most only come to help and love on the lion, the elephant...but I am not most. I am not here to love the loved. I'm here to love the unlovable. The lost. The forgotten. The hippo.