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logo wrote

Cao de Benós founded the Korea Friendship Association in 2000, purchasing and establishing his privately owned domain name which whilst claiming to be officially sanctioned is privately owned and registered in his name.[2][6] All official government and ministerial sites of North Korea have the .kp domain and, given the WHOIS record for KFA's website points towards it being the personally owned domain of Cao de Benós, there is doubt about its claim to be the "official web page of DPR of Korea" and thus Cao de Benós's claims of his actual status in North Korea's hierarchy.[2][7] - Wikipedia (Alejandro Cao de Benós)

As most have pointed out, this is seemingly just some guys little passion project


Fool wrote

Points of notice

  1. Picture with weirdest version of a crucifix - Hammer and Sickle as sides + spear up middle.

  2. Anniversary of Demise of Kim Jung Il - sounds like a hated enemy

  3. .com - why is it not using .kp?


veuzi wrote (edited )

.com - why is it not using .kp?

The Korean Friendship Association is not hosted or based in Korea. It's a pro-juche propaganda outlet that is basically entirely run by an infamous Spanish tankie, Alejandro Cao de Benós. It is though widely known that he has contacts within the North Korean state and it has also been suspected that they use his organization as a smuggling and money laundering front.

Hammer and Sickle as sides + spear up middle.

It's a brush, specifically a calligraphy brush. It's meant to symbolize intelligentsia the same way the hammer symbolizes workers and the sickle symbolizes peasants.


comrade_kim OP wrote

sounds like a hated enemy

No, it's our Great Leader. We all love and support him.

Picture with weirdest version of a crucifix - Hammer and Sickle as sides + spear up middle.

The thing in the middle is a brush, not a spear.


Fool wrote

Our great leader.

I disagree, if they were a great leader, then there would be two way communication, but they don't even know my name.

A brush, not a spear

The brush of Longinus!


logo wrote

If he was such a good leader, then he wouldn't need to prevent people from leaving by force.