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Paprika_Luna wrote

I had very wrong expectations about what "f/accountability" would be about and now I'm afraid and upset and depressed. What the hell. Can't we have anything? Any of us? It's like the whole of the human world is just misery and pain and more (of the same) yet to come.

I don't even know what else to say. I probably shouldn't even post this comment at all, but... I'll just excuse it with 'you made me sad, so there.' I'm sorry, though, if my depressed/depressing comment is problematic.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

Not sure why it would be problematic.

What were you expecting this forum to be about?


Paprika_Luna wrote

Eeerm, well, it can be irritating to have someone running around crying at things.

I was expecting something more like posts about lack of accountability in existing systems (pardons, lack of punishment for those in favour, that sort of thing) or perhaps sarcastic posts about same. What's actually here is probably more useful than having a forum only for that, honestly.